Who we are....


We at WeekendTesol work to make your English School better, by TESOL certifying all your teachers.

  • The global standard for English Teachers throughout the world is to become TESOL/TEFL certified, yet many English Language Schools hire non-certified and unqualified teachers. We here at WeekendTesol want to raise the standard for your English Language Schools by TESOL certifying your teachers. 
  • When foreign students look for a place to study English, they are more likely to choose somewhere they know has an exceptional quality of teachers. Having all the English Teachers in your institute TESOL certified shows that your institute is of the highest quality.
  • Having an "in-house" TESOL certifier for your institute means that you can higher uncertified teachers at a lower cost to you, and certify them once they become part of your team.
  • Being able to certify the English Teachers in your institute not only allows you to take your institute to a higher level, it also helps with teacher retention, being that a WeekendTesol Certificate is renewed yearly and only if the teacher remains employed in a teaching capacity.
  • If all the English Teachers at your Institute are already TESOL Certified we at WeekendTesol will verify and certify that your institute is a TESOL Certified Institute completely free of charge. 
  • Keep your teachers up to date with the current trends in language teaching such as social media, augmented reality, video creation, bot creation, and much more by getting a WeekendTesol yearly renewable certificate. 
  • Once your Institute has been made WeekendTesol Certified, students will know that the teachers at your institute are of the utmost quality.


  • Have your English School stand out from the crowd.