Benefits of a TESOL certificate:


The benefits of having a TESOL certificate are innumerable…. But we’re going to give it the old college try anyway:


  1. A TESOL certificate can help you land that dream vacation anywhere in the world. Almost every country in the world recognizes the benefits of learning English, and therefore TESOL teachers are in high demand. In many instances schools will pay for your flight, room and board, and a salary for you to go to their country to teach.

  2. A TESOL certificate can be earned in a single weekend and is useful for the rest of your life. If you can concentrate for one weekend instead of partying at a college party, you can walk away with a certificate that can get you a job and experience even before you graduate college.

  3. Many people only dream of traveling the world and getting paid to do it. With a TESOL certificate that is not only possible but it is within your grasp. There are incredible opportunities out there for people who have the right credentials and are willing to take on the adventure.

  4. As a college student is usually difficult to find a part time or full time job that isn’t demeaning, menial, or entry level. With a TESOL Certificate it is possible to become a TESOL teacher right in your neighborhood even before you graduate college. Instead of making minimum wage and making coffee runs for your boss, you can gain experience as an independently contracted teacher, leading your own classroom, making your own hours, and making a highly competitive wage.

  5. As the saying goes, “you need a job to get experience, and experience to get a job”…. With a TESOL Certificate you’ll have the credentials necessary to get both a job and experience.